The problem with technologists

The problem with technologists is often we have a technology and search for an application instead of searching out a problem and figuring out if technology can help solve the problem and then how it can be applied to simplify the situation.

A little surprised

I'm a little surprised that Apple doesn't have something on their site about today being 20 years since the Macintosh announcement.

CD Labels causing data loss

There is a report on Macintouch today confirming that sticky labels applied to CDs such as those used by the do it yourself labelers are responsible for data loss on archival CDs in some cases.

The old is new again

I was just reading an article from 20 years ago about the debut of the Macintosh. The reporter in the San Jose Mercury News wrote:

The user also will be able to divide the screen into a variety of compartments, or ``windows,'' that each can be used to perform different jobs. For example, the user could be writing a letter on one part of the screen, then create a window and begin another.

It's interesting to see how something we've come to know so well is described as a new concept. It is also a good reminder of what has happened in 20 years.

RMIUG Meeting

I went to a great RMIUG meeting last night on launching startups in the current economy. Three speakers were all quite good. I'll post a link to the notes when they are posted.

Also a question... Why do people sign up for user names using invalid email addresses? Especially when the sign-up page says you'll be emailed. I just don't quite understand. Oh well. they're easy to delete.


I was looking for documentation on which memory slot is which in the white (flat screen) iMac. System profiler doesn't really say other than DIMM0/J12 and DIMM1/J13. Since one is not user accessible and one is it seems that the internal slot might be 0 and the external 1. Alas it appears that it is the opposite. DIMM0/J12 is the SO-DIMM PC100-2225 ram that users can access and upgrade.


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