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Something is rotten....

The UNLV newspaper "The Rebel Yell" has a brief note today that UNLV's dean of liberal arts, Ed Shoben, was forced out of his position today. I haven't had the opportunity to work directly with Dean Shoben but I have worked with his wife Professor Shoben who is an outstanding educator and just plain brilliant. From what little I know of Dean Shoben it is hard to imagine what could possibly have caused this situation. I hope it can be worked out shortly as I'm quite certain UNLV will be stronger if we keep a good dean.

IT Jobs in education

Yesterday I started tagging interesting jobs in the information technology realm of higher education as I see them. There will likely be a heavy emphasis on the western states but it will not be exclusive.

The first post is the Director of Information Technology for Computing and Communication Systems at Northern Arizona University. NAU is an institution I have no connection to but Flagstaff is a beautiful place if you like desert mountains.

Chancellor's resignation leaves gaps in Nevada higher education

James Rogers, Chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education, resigned on Sunday. The resignation leaves the system of higher education looking for leadership at a time when leadership is critical for the system. The system's institutions and the system itself are in need of strong leadership. Rogers, never one to shy from controversy, has a reputation of saying what he believes needs to be said. The owner of several television stations was known to send firey memos to the media at the same time he sent them to the regents. One such memo recently asked why we continue to have college football at schools when nobody shows up.

Rogers memo says 'i quit'

Long story short it is a bad day for education in Nevada. Now we're left with quarreling regents and a Governor looking for water under the road.

Why have college football?

"Why the hell would you have a football team when nobody goes to the games?" asked Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Jim Rogers Tuesday. Rogers sent a memo to the board of regents asking them to look into the sports programs at UNLV and UNR. The UNLV program brought in $1.2 million last year but placed more than $4 million to run.


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