IP over Firewire sneaks back into Leopard

Some time back I was lamenting that IP over Firewire didn't seem to be working in Leopard. I routinely use IP over firewire in the data center to have out-of-band communications (backup, heartbeat etc) between servers. With an early version of Leopard (10.5 or 10.5.1) it wasn't working at all. Today I was getting back to checking for possible work-arounds. Fortunately before digging in too far I decided to try it and low and behold it works just like it used to.

Story of the leopard

The story of the Leopard Install. Install Leopard... oooh ahh wonderful. Open mail... wait for database conversion. See that Mail Act On is disabled. Sob. Cry. AHHHHHH. Find this post about Mail Act On and start breathing again.

A terrific week in tech

What a week it's been and it is only Wednesday. This holiday-shortened week is turning out to be a fantastic week in tech and elsewhere. (For those of you in less fortunate states Friday is Nevada Day which we celebrate by not going to work and having parades instead). Where to start?

One of the first great moments was Google's announcements Tuesday evening of the availability of IMAP availability in Gmail and the hosted Google Apps. It makes my recent decision to move to Google Apps Premium look even smarter. About the same time the annual support agreement on my mail server is up. Sure a lot harder to think about keeping the annual expense when I get all that and more from Google Apps. It was just last week that a colleague reluctantly got .Mac to have IMAP mail for their iPhone as they grew tired of the pop-Gmail re-downloading too often.

And of course there is the world of sport. Colorado State's impressive upset of UNLV (though why UNLV was favored is beyond even the most seasoned Las Vegan). Today, though, the Colorado Rockies begin their first ever World Series and could well be four games away from the season of a generation.

On a personal note I began to play with You Tube for the first time. It is a very satisfying experience and one I'm sure I'll be repeating.

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