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Slow "Save As" in Microsoft Office Applicaitons

It seems we've been having a problem a lot lately with slow saves when choosing "Save As" in Microsoft Word and Excel.

This post is mainly a place to keep track of some of the ideas I've come across. There is a Microsoft KB article for example

If the slowness comes when choosing a different drive it is likely the matter of a having a disconnected network drive that needs to be removed.

Loading Microsoft Excel data into MySQL

This is mainly a cheat sheet for me in recalling the best way to load MS Excel data into MySQL.

  1. Set dates to format YYYY-MM-DD
  2. Put columns in the same order as the database
  3. Save data as tab delimited
  4. Use BBedit (or another program) to convert line breaks to UNIX (^n)
  5. Put file in directory with no spaces in the path
  6. Launch MySQL
  7. Load data with command "load data infile '/PATH/FILE' into table `TABLE_NAME` LINES TERMINATED BY '\n';"

This is not comprehensive nor does it deal with all situations. Just a place holder for the information.

Excel how-to

This is an entry more for my record keeping than any other reason. The question is how to best create summary tables in Excel. The data I have has a row for each customer and sets of columns for each month. Each customer row had data in only one set of columns. Subtotal gives an easy way to consolidate this data onto a single line. The problem comes in that if you copy the excel data with the sub-rows hidden they show up in the pasted data

The solution: This only happens if you paste into Excel. Paste into a text editor, select all and paste back into Excel and voila. All is good.

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