John Denver

Home again Colorado

Crossing the Rockies, descending along the Front Range into Denver International Airport at sunset brought back so many great memories. Each time I make that descent and come upon Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder and the other towns tucked up against the foothills it is hard not to imagine returning in a more permanent way.

There are so many beautiful places in the world but here, where the mountainous backbone of the continent meets the great plains is a very special place. And of course walking out to see the Colorado State University banner didn't hurt either. Combine the great city, a good dinner and getting to video chat with the wife and daughter and things look pretty good. Onward to Chicago.

'Almost Heaven'

As a fan of John Denver for many years I was excited to see the Denver Center Theater Company's production of 'Almost Heaven'. Without having read extensively about the production I expected an impersonation of Denver in a telling of his life with a musical retrospective thrown in.

The production we saw was not at all what I expected. Instead of a main character with a few supporting characters, there is an ensemble cast of six vocalists and five instrumentalists. The beautifully interwoven arrangements presented Denver's music in ways I never would have considered. With so many wonderful arrangements it is difficult to know where to start. Jeff Waxman's arrangements include a complex medley of Annie's Song and Leaving on a Jet Plane woven to show the simple beauty of the love between John and Ann as well as the complex times of conflict and termoil. The medly, as do the other songs, succeeds in sharing the beauty and harmony as well as the variety and complexity of the music and the man who created the music that has touched so many.

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