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Sometimes the blogosphere is silly

Of course the blogosphere is silly. It is a reflection of our culture and others. There are uninformed and unthinking people everywhere. I read a bit today on an Review Journal article about the pet food contamination. In the article the importer responsible for importing the contaminated wheat gluten says "ChemNutra has sufficient insurance to pay for any judgments stemming from lawsuits filed by pet owners and others." A blogger commenting on this said they hoped the company didn't have enough insurance and would be forced out of business. Perhaps vengeance and the mob-mentality  make some feel  powerful and as though a wrong has been set right.  The comment, however, suggests that the pet owners who have already lost so much should now suffer the injustice of not even being compensated for their loss in any way.

For Las Vegas pet food recall hits home

Las Vegas company ChemNutra announced yesterday a recall of all wheat gluten imported from one of the company's three Chinese suppliers. The wheat germ was shipped by ChemNutra from their Kansas City warehouse to pet food manufacturers. None of the wheat germ is believed to have entered the human food supply chain.

The recall, the latest in a recent string, brings to light some perils of the global food supply. All is fine when things are good but a small disruption can cause major consequences across the globe. While the stories on the news today will focus on the conflict over Iraq there won't be a major media outlet discussing the effects of a food supply chain dependent upon WTO partners and the need for a local supply of food as a matter of homeland security.

More pet food recalls

Nestlé Purina PetCare Company announced Friday it is recalling some of it's ALPO Prime Cuts wet dog food. The food is contaminated with melanine, a plastic substance, that contaminated many recalled foods made by Menu Foods in Canada. Hills Pet Nutrition also recalled m/d Feline dry food on Friday over concerns of contaminated wheat gluten. The Hills recall marks the first recall of dry pet food. Hills did previously recall canned cat food.

Before switching to human food for pets, pet owners would be well advised to see the list of recalled foods.

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