We interrupt this program

Truth be told there has been less program and more interruption happening here of late. I'd make a statement about that changing soon but the next couple of months are looking to be a little on the crazy side. In the meantime take a look at this video. Likely I'm not alone in musing that there are some folks who I wouldn't mind having them stay home on election day. The truth is, however, the system only works when we all vote. Sure the robo-callers and excessive punditry will be great to put behind us (and hey not everybody has a Nevada cell phone number mind you).

Friday political video

Our PHP group had a great discussion of politics and the meaning of government last night. So this little video seemed appropriate to post for some Friday fun.

My question for the candidates

Doing some live blogging from the Watch Party for the Democratic Presidential Debate has me thinking about what question I would ask if I were in the audience in the debate hall. In the vein of actions speak louder than words I would ask this: Global warming is the greatest challenge facing our planet. Leadership is important in changing energy policy. More important is what the billions of people on the planet do in their daily lives. What are you doing personally and what is your campaign doing to reduce your impact on the planet.

Live blogging from the Democratic Presidential Debate Watch Party from UNLV

Doing a little live blogging from the Democratic Presidential Debate at UNLV tonight. Senator Biden is clearly coming out as the winner in the first half of the debate. Senator Clinton said at the opening of the debate that she was wearing an asbestos pant suit. That pant suit certainly got a workout in early sparing with Senator Edwards. Senator Biden was way ahead with charm and down to earth answers and staying on point about how we take the country and world forward instead of political sparing.

Effective communications with Congress (and others)

I've recently been doing some letter writing. Though I'm still far behind on my emails and correspondence with friends there are some issues that require the attention of our elected officials and government agencies. As a part of this process looking at how to be most effective has been important. Fortunately the Congressional Management Foundation has done research on this very topic and can help show us how to make letters more effective.

A few points jump out immediately:

  • Personalized letters have more impact than form letters
  • Shorter is better
  • Grassroots groups can gain from understanding the process

None of these should be barriers. It is far better to write a long windy letter than none at all. While understanding the process and getting the timing right is great perfect timing doesn't do anything if the message isn't delivered.


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