Ten years of Scripting News

One week from today is the tenth anniversary of Dave Winer's blog, Scripting News. A post today says he has nothing special planned but to post ideas. Scripting News is one of the early blogs on the net. It pre-dates the term blog and its longer ancestor weblog. The groundbreaking way paved by Winer's Frontier software led to many things that today would be called blogs. One early project I started was RamLine which by today's standards would likely be considered a multi-author blog (and would be organized differently than it was).

Rocky Mountain News Article on Ramline.com

Cyber-Rams - Cam the Ram has entered cyberspace.

Information about CSU football and other sports will be featured this fall on the Internet.

The new service - called Ramline - will offer play-by-play coverage updated every five minutes during CSU football games plus statistics, color photos, player biographies, team rosters and postgame commentary.

The Ramline site can be called on the World Wide Web at http: / / www. ramline.com. CSU students with Holly or Lamar electronic mail accounts also may use the service.

Information and schedules for other CSU athletic teams also will be available through the Ramline site.

Joshua Brauer, a CSU student, created Ramline after an Internet encounter last year with a frustrated fan in Australia eager for CSU sports information. ''I think players' families and Colorado State alumni who can't come to the games will find it very useful,'' Brauer said.

The service is offered by a private firm - World Wide Express Inc. - founded by Brauer that is independent of the university. CSU has cooperated with the service's creation. Information: (970) 962-1594.

Tough loss for the Rams

The Colorado State Rams suffered a tough loss Friday night. After a mediocre first half the Rams bounced back, entirely on the back of quarterback Bradlee VanPelt.

News Updates

The news section of the 1998 Ramline.com website was updated today. There is no new news but many missing old articles were added and the site refreshed. This was an exercise in going back to get back into Userland's Frontier as several verbs that were used in the previous version of rendering the site are no longer supported in the carbonized version of Frontier.

RamLine.com archives online

I worked this weekend to get a couple of pieces of history back on the web. There are 1995 and 1998 versions of the RamLine.com site back on the web. I'm considering removing one section from the 1998 version as it links mostly to pages that aren't there anymore.

The RamLine.com site was published from 1995 when we became the first site on the net to ever Cybercast a NCAA football game to the world wide web through 1999 when it was merged with Rivals.com. As with much of the .com boom much of the promised functionality of Rivals never fully matured and the company didn't make it through 2001

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