Black Friday shaping up to be a mixed bag

The Idaho Statesman reports today that Boise Town Square mall won't open at crazy hours on Black Friday. Last year the largest shopping center in Bosie was among several shopping centers nationally which opened near midnight for sales that were billed as extraordinary. While there were some problems with last year's 1 AM opening it would not take much to imagine that the austere consumer spending reports figure into the decision as well.

Black Friday

I almost made it through one of the busiest shopping days of the year with no purchases. Almost. It turns out I spent $50 in postage for a non-profit I work for. So I didn't escape from the spending frenzy but I did do all my shopping from home. A quick trip to the post office and the letters were all on their way.

The mail today brought the first holiday letter of the year. A friend from high school sent their letter out becoming the first reminder how far behind I am, on the 2005 letter that is.

Today did bring the realization that I've never worked for an institution that did not have a two-break for Thanksgiving. One more reason that I best avoid retail.

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