AT&T Wireless vs Sprint coverage

As if any further proof was needed that cell phone preferences have a lot to do with where you live and what the network coverage is MacSlash has this comment:

I sure hope this update somehow results in better reception. I've dropped more calls since June 29th than I did in my 12 years with with SprintPCS. --MacSlash

Our experience has been just the opposite. In a typical day I'd drop a dozen cell phone calls - and that was when I didn't use it much. With the switch to AT&T I haven't dropped a dozen calls since June 29. All of this reminds me I need to go see if I accidently left the Sprint phone on a call while roaming.... oops.

Palm to 700p to support EvDO

PC World is reporting on the announcement of the Treo Treo 700p which will be based on the Palm operating system instead of the Windows Mobile used on the 700w. The big news is that the 700p will support EvDO high speed dialup networking and can be used as a modem for connecting laptops and other devices via EvDO. Infoworld has some slides from the introduction. The Palm Store has details as well.

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