ThanksgivingThis past weekend was the annual American celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday. I was quite fortunate to spend the early part of last week with a recent immigrant celebrating their first Thanksgiving. Seeing this uniquely American holiday through fresh eyes was a wonderful experience. The weekend also provided a break to think about the fantastic opportunities and experiences that brought us so far.

Nothing can compare to the feeling of being asked each night to rock one's little ones to sleep. Knowing in some intellectual way that these days won't last forever makes the heart desire to squeeze every extra moment out of these quiet times.

Giving thanks

The past weekend has been a great celebration of the many wonderful things we have in life. As in too many years past this year saw the marking of Thanksgiving with our troops in harm's way around the globe. While debate continues about the reasons for the current conflicts and their intended goals the inescapable conclusion that oil plays a major role in many of the conflicts around the world.

Beyond being a source of conflict the consumption of fossil fuels is contributing to unprecedented changes in thin outer layer of the planet, our atmosphere. With this time of year providing a great opportunity for reflection, thought and contemplation, and with new-year's resolutions just around the corner it is time for each of us to ask what we might do to help end the conflicts around the globe and make sure our planet is fit for generations to come.

In other words take a few minutes and look at changes you can make today that will have large impacts on our quality of life. Also very important is that folks take a look the facts about the costs. For too many years we've been told that it is "too expensive" for polluting businesses to clean up. The reality is that running cleaner businesses can not only be better for the future, but cheaper and more profitable for the business owners (stockholders) today.

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