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The business limiting information on health care

Last fall the October 2005 issue of Seventeen was pulled from the shelves of 2500 Albertsons stores across 12 states. The complaint centered around an educational health article written by Jennifer Howze entitled Vagina 101. According to Associated Press articles on the magazine story it "shows a drawing of a woman's genitalia with arrows pointing out the clitoris, the labia majora, the labia minora, the hymen and the anus. It provides a one-paragraph description of each part of the anatomy, under the headline "Owner's Manual." On the second page, the author addresses what's normal and what's not — from the color and consistency of female discharge to how to detect a urinary tract infection."


The USGS has a great tool called WaterWatch. The site gives real-time information from stream flow sensors around the country. In addition to giving information about how the current flow compares to historical data, the information would be very useful to anyone doing water rescue across the country. This site provides one more example of why SAR incident command posts will need to have a good internet connection sooner rather than later and how incident commanders will need to broaden their thinking in the kinds of information they can have at hand.

Intelligence Officials: Iran Battling U.S. In Iraq

Rumor Control has some particularly disturbing news. According to senior intelligence sources Iran has made a strategic decision to confront American forces in Iraq. Iran, having been labeled by the Bush Administration as a part of the Axis of Evil is taking a page from the US playbook and instead of waiting for an inevitable conflict have begun helping the Shi'a forces in Iraq. There is also a suggestion that the US is behind murder charges against one time Pentagon ally Ahmed Chalabi. Chalabi is now said to be working for the Iran

CAPPAERT v. UNITED STATES, 426 U.S. 128 (1976)

CAPPAERT v. UNITED STATES, 426 U.S. 128 (1976) - 1976 Supreme Court decision affirming the Ninth Circuit that as of 1952 when the United States reserved Devil's Hole, it acquired by reservation water rights in unappropriated appurtenant water sufficient to maintain the level of the underground pool to preserve its scientific (426 U.S. 128, 129) value and thereby implement the Presidential Proclamation.

Places I've Been

It's obvious I still have some ground to cover before the dance is over....

Parks fees may increase in Canada

I'd been meaning to write about park fees in the United States National Parks when this item about a possible fee increase in Canadian national parks came across the wire.

What I had not realized is how much the fees in the national parks of the United States vary. In the trip across Utah they varied from $20 in Zion to no fee for Capitol Reef. In between are Arches, Bryce and Canyonlands. I know that most of the fee goes to the general treasury but I didn't realize the wide variety in fees charged by each park. Even Bryce and Zion, which both operate free shuttle services have different fees.


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