Regional differences

It's interesting being back in Fort Collins this weekend. 13 hours plus a time change door to door. It is much greener here. The colors are just gorgeous across I-70. Many times in the past few years when we've made the trip at this time of year we've flown so it's been a while since the beautiful colors had been on our agenda. Hopefully the trip back will accord more time to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Good news for Colorado Democrats

Colorado Senate candidate Ken Salazar was one of the winners of landslide victories in the state's primary election on Tuesday. Salazar, who is unusual in having won statewide election twice in the last decade is a democrat who has a broad appeal to centrist republicans and independents alike in Colorado. He faced a dogged grassroots campaign by a political newcomer in Mike Miles. The hard-fought race saw plenty of dirty politicking from the challenger in the guise of "being the change." In the end the race ended up matching an experienced politician who communicated effectively his vision for representing the people of the state of Colorado and a new comer who tried to overcome obstacles with name calling and politics as normal.

Coloradoans look for electability in Democratic Sentate race

An article from last Friday in the Denver Post cites a poll showing Ken Salazar has a runaway lead in the race for the democratic nomination for the open US Senate seat. One can certainly hope. This race is critical to getting a change in the Senate. Of those polled 21% cited candidate qualities including electability and experience as key deciding factors. Ken Salazar, with his history of being elected by the people of the state of Colorado and a history of working for the state's people should be a shoe in on that critera.

Wasted Water

An amazing story out of Denver today. It seems for the last decade Denver Water has been running a 4-inch fire hydrant at full flow into the sewer. That's right, while Denver has been suffering through dry year after dry year each week more than 3 million gallons of treated, potable water are going down the drain. The article says that Denver Water hasn't been able to find anybody who could use the water.

I'd suggest they need to replace the folks running Denver Water with some who are slightly better at their jobs. In a market where water is a scarce commodity they can't find anybody who wants the 1.5 billion gallons of water they've sent down the drain. Let's see it only took a few seconds of reading the article to come up with several workable solutions.

What's in a name

Ken Salazar's website is Salazar for Colorado. Mike Miles' site is Miles for Senate.... I wonder who has the interests of the people of Colorado most in mind? A name says a lot about the aspirations held when it was chosen - its not an accident.

Miles campaign gets negative

I haven't been commenting much about the Colorado Senate race recently but an e-mail from Mike Miles campaign manager this morning struck me as one of the worst examples of the many gaffs that are made too often in politics. The email is below but allow me to comment. Point by point.

Firstly, if you want be known as the "underdog" then turning to the dirty politicking of calling anyone who endorses your opponent a "cowardly politico" is probably not the way to get started.

The missive then goes on to describe the efforts the "grassroots" campaign is undertaking to win the election. The thing is they are all the steps of a professional politician. Visiting the the campaign's website it is obvious that plenty of money is being poured into a flashy site while real content or innovation are not to be seen... Oh yes you say there is a "blog" section... with a single post from nearly a month ago. Wow that is innovative.


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