Sandy Valley

Las Vegas developer applies for Sandy Valley water rights

A Las Vegas development company, JV Properties, LLC, made application to the state of Nevada for 3620 acre feet of water a year in Sandy Valley. JV Properties, LLC has been involved in developing several properties in Clark County including the Mountain's Edge community in the vicinity of Blue Diamond and Buffalo in Las Vegas.

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APPLICATION TO APPRORIATE WATER NO. 72909 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on the 7th day of June 2005 JV Properties, LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada made application to the State Engineer of Nevada for permission to appropriate 5.0 c.f.s. of the public waters of the State of Nevada. Diversion is to be made from an underground source at a point located within the NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 14, T25S, R57E, MDM or at a point from which the SW corner of said Section 14 bears S 30° 53' W, a distance of 5616 feet (approx. 3 1/2 miles SE of Sandy, NV). Water will be used for municipal purposes from January 1st to December 31st of each year. Hugh Ricci, P.E. State Engineer PUB: Aug. 11,18,25 Sept. 1, 2005 LV Review-Journal

PICO HOLDINGS INC May 27, 2005 10-K filing

Future looking statements from PICO HOLDING's annual 10-k filing considering its subsidary VIDLER WATER COMPANY, INC.


We believe that continuing trends in Nevada and Arizona indicate strong future demand for Vidler's water rights and water storage assets.

Based on census figures, in the three years ended July 1, 2003, the population of Clark County, Nevada, which includes metropolitan Las Vegas, increased 14.6% to almost 1.6 million residents. Around 70,000 people are moving to the area annually. Currently Las Vegas takes most of its water supply from Lake Mead. Due to the continued growth in demand for water and 5 years of drought, the level of Lake Mead has reached 50 year lows. Accordingly, Las Vegas is aggressively seeking to conserve water (e.g., rules have been introduced restricting water use in new homes) and to diversify its sources of water supply. At the same time, the increasing cost of housing in Las Vegas is leading to more rapid growth in outlying areas within commuting distance.

Over time, we believe that these factors will lead to demand for water in parts of southern Nevada where Vidler owns or has an interest in water rights, including southern Lincoln County/northern Clark County and Sandy Valley and Muddy River in Clark County. If growth management initiatives are introduced in Las Vegas, this will lead to even more rapid growth in the areas surrounding metropolitan Las Vegas.

In Arizona, the continued growth of the municipalities surrounding Phoenix in Maricopa County is likely to lead to strong demand for Vidler's water rights in the Harquahala Valley. According to census estimates, the population of Maricopa County increased 9.5% in the three years to July 1, 2003, to almost 3.4 million residents. Many of the municipalities surrounding Phoenix/Scottsdale where the growth is concentrated, do not receive allotments of water from the Colorado River, and are therefore forced to find alternative supplies of water.

Accessory apartments for Clark County?

The Clark County Commission will consider a change to the county's land-use code, Title 30, allowing accessory apartments in several single-family residential areas. Accessory apartments would be limited to 30% of the square footage of the main residence and in the urban and suburban areas could not exceed 1000 sq. ft. In rural areas the maximum size, also limited to 30% of the main residence, is 2000 sq. ft.

In rural areas the accessory apartment can be the building that was originally the primary residence but the accessory apartment cannot be rented or leased until the principal residence is occupied by the property owner. A condition of the accessory apartment proposal would require that the property owner occupy either the primary residence or accessory apartment and that a deed restriction be placed on the deed listing and acknowledging the conditions of the accessory apartment provision.

Not so neighborly

For the last couple of months we've been trying to work with some vicious dogs being kept by a neighbor. After several requests the neighbors have chosen to do nothing about the constant barking. Recently Sarah was told that the constant barking of the pack of dogs is a desired trait. As you can clearly see in this brief movie these vicious dogs are continuing to come through the fence and have already attempted to bite or bitten ourselves, our dogs and our horses. Yet, in our neighbor's action this is our problem.

Update: Vote about what you think about this situation.

The text at the end of the video points out that our neighbor emerged during the taping of this video and proceeded to do nothing more than watch.

Sandy Valley Job Fair

Last Saturday Keystone Academy in Sandy Valley hosted a job fair for all in the Sandy Valley area. Employers including Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Primm Outlet Stores, Trail's End, the US Army and more were present with information about their workplaces. In addition to the employer related exhibits students from Keystone Academy put on demonstrations of stage fighting (in the photo above). Complimenting the old west acts like some precision bull-whip work, the Las Vegas Viper club brought out their beautiful collection of Vipers.

A litte worse than none

Nevada Power has managed to do it to us again. Tuesday night we endured about an eight hour outage as a result of a thunderstorm. Not terribly unusual and something that is to be expected in the rural portions of Nevada or anywhere. Last night about 3 AM we awoke to the sound of the UPS's chirping throughout the house. It seems the power had once again gone out.


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