How to Survive and Thrive at Drupal(con) London

From the opening session of Drupalcon London. This is a handheld video but you get the idea and hopefully a more complete video will be recorded at some point. This video shot from a handheld phone isn't the greatest but you get the idea. The final 5 minutes of the video will have to be posted separately.

Thanks to the wonderful team in London for putting on a great Drupalcon. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Denver next March.

The venue video has now been posted here and is shot from a tripod and much easier to watch. The actual presentation starts at the 3 minute mark.

Home again Colorado

Crossing the Rockies, descending along the Front Range into Denver International Airport at sunset brought back so many great memories. Each time I make that descent and come upon Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder and the other towns tucked up against the foothills it is hard not to imagine returning in a more permanent way.

There are so many beautiful places in the world but here, where the mountainous backbone of the continent meets the great plains is a very special place. And of course walking out to see the Colorado State University banner didn't hurt either. Combine the great city, a good dinner and getting to video chat with the wife and daughter and things look pretty good. Onward to Chicago.

Mr. Deity - mid-week video diversion

Last week's conference exposed me to the wonderful Mr. Deity video series. The episodes are available on You Tube or through the podcast directory on iTunes.

Adding video to Drupal posts the simple and valid way

I've been on a bit of a video binge lately posting several videos from YouTube here. This can be done several ways, including using the code supplied by video sites such as YouTube. The problem for someone who wants to keep their HTML valid is that YouTube posts the video snippet using <embed> tags which aren't valid HTML. However, like it does for many things, Drupal provides an easy solution. The video filter module makes it easy to put a [ video:URL] style tag in a post and have the video embedded. And best of all it does so cleanly with valid <object> tags.

It's worth noting there are several other modules like the embeded media field that can make the process work in other ways if one is developing CCK types and wants to include videos. So if you're looking for a solution that does even more be sure to check these out.

Southern Nevada Water Authority plans to destroy a way of life

Continuing on yesterday's video binge here is a great video about plans of the Southern Nevada Water Authority to suck up water from fragile parts of Nevada and pipe it to Las Vegas. The video looks at some of the impacts on areas of rural Nevada. It doesn't get very far into how risky this plan is for Las Vegas. Although SNWA would like to spend billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars to put in the pipeline the risks involved with having a whole city depend upon a facility that is impossible to secure flies in the face of the concerns of homeland security.



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