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Drupal is a powerful content management system and framework that makes building powerful websites possible for mere mortals. Some of the posts here will be syndicated to Drupal planet.

I want my old blogging world - Check out Drupal

Marc Canter writes about wanting tools he used to have in Radio Userland. The first feature he mentions is one of the key features of Drupal. "The functionality of having a POST button right next to the news story - is essential." I could not agree more. In fact the features he asks for are possible in Drupal. I'm not certain that the WYSIWYG copy and paste is standard but it wouldn't be difficult to add. Drupal is rapidly out pacing many of its 'peers' who seem to rest more on their laurels than innovation.

Drupal wish list

Drupal has been a great site management system. It is called a content management system but there are some functions that would make it much more useful in that regard. I say it's a great site management system because it's great for managing a single site. If you want more than one site you need more than one instance of Drupal. There are some ways of prefixing table names and making it possible to put two instances of Drupal on a single server.

Taxonomy based RSS feeds would be a big help. It would be best to have the ability to have several different RSS feeds so people could subscribe to those feeds they are interested in. If a site owner chooses to they can allow for people to subscribe to various feeds based on taxonomy.

Navigation menus in Drupal

Chris Nelson wrote to share frustration about getting good looking menus in Drupal. He likes the current menu on the right (as do I). He asked me to share the code which I would be happy to do, but it is not mine. The global navigation menu at this point is a product of Drupal 4.4.1 with the Chameleon theme it ships with. There are a few additions like the Taxonomy menu but that just adds to the menu, and doesn't change its format. I spent quite a bit of time in 4.3.x trying to get it right and never quite did.

Drupal 4.3 Released

Drupal 4.3 was released Saturday. I got around to doing some testing tonight. It looks very good. The upgrade process is painless. The new administration interface will take some tweaking to the interface to get them to work. The site will be updated in the next couple of days.

Good and Bad of the upgrade

I completed most of the Drupal upgrade last night. The bad that has to be fixed.... permalinks are broken as a result of the change in the architecture. For the moment I've made this change in node.module to get the # to appear again (lines 526-529 which were 526-528). However older permalinks are broken for the moment.

   // if ($main == 1 && $node->teaser && $node->teaser != $node->body)  # Comment out to Put Permalinks on all nodes
      $links[] = l(t("#"), "node/view/$node->nid", array("title" => t("Permalink to this posting.")));

Next I'll look at either mod-rewrite or a php script to allow the addressing of nodes without the argument based form of '?" since search engines don't follow those links as well.

Upgrade to Drupal 4.2.0

The upgrade to Drupal 4.2.0 went smoothly. Some nice new features I'll investigate in the morning.

Site Updates Today

I finally got to getting the place cleaned up a bit today. This evening is sitting on the back deck, having a freshly grilled hamburger and a cool micro-brew. Yesterday's snow is passed and the tree cleanup is as far as it can go for the moment. In addition to the picture at right and the new theme the "essays" link is back above giving easier access to some past writings as well as the "notes" section with some tech notes.

CMS for TidBits

There is a very good discussion on the TidBits-Talk list about finding a new CMS for the publication. They are looking to replace their home built system as they move to an X-serve/OS X system.

I've worked with several systems including Clay Basket, Userland's Frontier (versions 4-7.x), Zope (2.x), Nuke derivatives and now Drupal. Each has something powerful to offer.


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