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Getting to Drupalcon

On the trip to the airport I was reflecting on just where Drupal has taken me. On one hand having chosen nearer the beginning of the decade to use this open source PHP-based content management system was a short-term decision. I had websites and they needed to be done. The solution was easily Drupal. Sure there was the roll-your-own option. But I've been there and there is little way to get around the idea that proprietary website management is for the birds.

In a literal sense Drupal has powered travels across the country. The wonderful thing about Drupal travel is the community.

Wherever you go from coast to coast and continent to continent there are fascinating people to meet. In a career sense Drupal has certainly been the right choice. Not only has it been a tool that has enabled me to do things to impress those who write my paychecks but a year ago it became my full-time job.

Hard coded IDs in Comment Module

Starting the new year off with some Lullabot podcast listening while the little one naps. There are lots of blog posts to come from it on various topics. The latest podcast is a live show of a question and answer session from Do it With Drupal.

The first question that kicked off the session was about frustration in theming comments and the comment form in Drupal. As the answers say on the on the podcast this is slightly better in Drupal 6 than it is in Drupal 5. However there's a pretty serious bug that rapidly becomes a deal-stopper when trying to do much with comments. The problem lurks in comment_render(). And following that link you'll notice it's not fixed in Drupal 7 yet either.

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

Here we have the obligatory last post of 2008. The lists of things that changed this year could fill volumes. Waiting for the fireworks last year, in a house with no blinds on the windows, we were just getting started on the new adventure. Quite an adventure it has been too.

Starting a new Drupal consultancy at the beginning of the year. Getting more involved in the Drupal community and wrapping up the winter with a visit to Boston for my first Drupalcon. Even a few months in Drupalcon was a chance to renew friendships and make many new friends.

After a winter of travel and coming home to Idaho we came home and got down to work. Several projects cranked out and lots of Drupaling later it came time for a summer of travel. From Oregon to Maryland the trips were great. Once again it seemed everywhere I landed the topic of conversation was Drupal. One of the highlights was spending hours manning the Drupal booth at OSCON with Kieran, who would soon become a colleague at Acquia though that wasn't to come till a little later.

Last day to get Acquia subscriptions for free

Sometimes we get so busy doing the good work and solving problems for users that we forget to step back and note some milestones. Tomorrow marks one of those milestones so I took the time to post to Twitter but hadn't thought to blog about it. Fortunately fellow Drupal twitterer Boris Mann reminded me to take a blog post about it.

As the last hours of 2008 wind down it's your last chance to get a free Acquia Network community subscription.

In addition to support in the Acquia forums and access to our site monitoring and cron services there are cool new features coming in the next year. If you're still not sure you can always take a look at Boris Mann's upgrade story while thinking about those sites that need to be upgraded and where you might get some extra help.


Taking a test drive of the
BlogPress application for the iPhone. It is a handy little app to allow posting blog posts to Acquia Drupal or WordPress or any of the other popular blogging platforms BlogPress makes it easy.

-- Post From My iPhone

Setting up FCKeditor and file downloads

This post is a draft of the response to a forum topic on Drupal.org. The post asks about how to setup FCKeditor and how to customize the display of uploaded files.


The FCKEditor module installation is a two-part process. And it sounds like the frustration is in getting the actual FCK library included. Assuming your site resides in a folder called www (or it might be called something like public_html etc. and in that case you'll substitute that directory below).

Eight web developer warning signs

Most of us have been there. You talk to someone who has had a bad experience with a site built on a popular web framework and then once you look at the code you suddenly understand why. So I decided it could be useful to create a little cheat sheet. If you find yourself thinking I've done that as you read along, it might be time to get back to bagging groceries, building beautiful houses, practicing law or whatever else you're good at so you don't harm more folks out there who are just trying to make a living.

So here's the list:

Setting up send to a friend for non-members

Was working on some modifications for the Print module's send to a friend functionality. In this case we have a legacy database that has several years worth of site registrations. If a user isn't registered for the site yet we want to send them an additional paragraph explaining how to get the registration code for the site.

By doing a hook_form_alter() on the send as email form it's possible to extract the submit function for the form and have our own processor handle it. Here's a way to handle splitting the members and non-members up for mailing.

Opting out of Drupal Planet

Sure the title is a little overly dramatic. Really I'm not opting out of Drupal Planet in its entirety but I am being more selective about what gets posted there. This has been on my to-do list for a while so it's easier to post some little notes about Drupal here and there for readers of the site without the self-imposed weight of making sure a post is up to snuff to take the time of all the Drupalistas around the globe. A post that was only tangentially related to Drupal being posted to Drupal Planet yesterday reminded me to finally get it done.

So as of this morning a few new views of Drupal information are available on the site. If you're a die-hard Drupaler and want to add a feed to your newsreader the Drupal Feed is available.

A few other subtle changes happened over the weekend.

This includes some cleanup of the "In Brief" section and getting rid of the Atom feed, mostly because the module that provides it has an overly-broad embedded link in page headers which limits more useful specific feeds from sections of the site.


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