Marvin Pistrang Obituary

The following is an obituary written in celebration of the life of Marvin Pistrang who passed away May 8th of this year. Marvin led the safari we took to Kenya in 1986.

Marvin Pistrang, 75, beloved husband of Temma, father of Larry, Jan and Mark Pistrang. Grandfather of Jenny, Molly, Nikki, Tasia, Kalli and Christopher departed on May 8th on his final safari. A geologist with the USGS for 29 years, Marvin began a second career, leading Safaris to Kenya, volunteering at Camp Hancock for OMSI, and teaching for the Heritage Institute and the Life Time Learning Center. He put in over 500 hours with the Aquarium and throughout his life led hikes and field trips for Audubon, the Sierra Club, Mountaineers, and the Issaquah Alps Trails Club. He reviewed books and even wrote a few. A talented artist and musician, and avid naturalist, he loved studying plants and birds and led over 300 people to Africa over a period of 20 years. Throughout his life he was a member of many conservation organizations and a 3 night a week contra dancer. He served in the Peace Corps with his wife and family from 1972 to 1974. He touched so many people and all were enriched by having known him. All are welcome to come and celebrate his life.



I'm jenny pistrang, marvin's

I'm jenny pistrang, marvin's granddaughter. thank you for writing this--- i know towards the end of Marvin's life his brain was not as it used to be, and that he could not remember some things like he used to. it's great to hear people celebrating all the great things he did in his lifetime.

Larry Pistrang

Hi Jenny

My name is Surekha and I am trying to locate Larry - if he is the same Larry I went to High School with in Nakuru Kenya. If he is can you please pass on this message and ask him to write to me at above email. I went to Menengai High School and Larry and his family were there at that time with the Peace Corp.

Thank you

It would be the same Larry

It would be the same Larry Pistrang. I'll pass your email along to the family.

response to Surekha

Your query was unfortunately not passed on to me and I only stumbled across it this morning. It is not clear that this will get to you as this site does not list e-mail addresses unless they are included in the comment field. Contact me directly at if you would like. Yes, I am the Larry Pistrang that attended Menegai Secondary School in the early 1970s ... very long ago!

Those clogged intertubes

Surekha your note was passed along but the email address I had was older and unfortunately appears to have not made it through the intertubes!


Sorry to hear that Marvin passed away. I remember his phantastic drawings from Lake Nakuru. Greetings to Jan and Larry with whom I went to school together in Nakuru.

Aleksander Stasikowski


I am sorry to hear that Marvin passed away. Anyway, do you remember me? We were in class together at Menengai High School. I went by the name Michael Lisasa. I have changed my first name. We had a nickname for you. We affectionately called you "Colorado". I live in the Boston area and it would be nice to hear from you. Please write back if you remember.

kindest regards and good night!