iBook Computer Car

Friday Cowicide's iBook Computer Car was mentioned on Macintouch. I've tried several times to e-mail the following comment to Ric but Macintouch's e-mail system consistently rejects the email. This is disconcerting. I know their email works but how many voices are filtered out by the breakage in their system? Anyway my comment was as follows:

Cowicide's car with iBook is great. I've thought several times about doing the same kind of thing. I got a Jotto desk that mounts to the floor for the last SUV I owned. I've always harbored two concerns.

  1. What happens when the airbags deploy and you have an 8 pound brick with strange edges launched into the passenger compartment.
  2. Temperature. In the mid latitudes of North America we get both cold enough to be concerned in the winter with temperatures well below the recommended storage range. Then when summer comes the heat inside a vehicle is enough to put the temperature above the stated operating range. Update:There is a good article (PDF) on the National Association of Fleet Administrators site.

Does anybody have experiences with either of these?