Lessons from the Don

Paul Jaber has an interesting commentary on fool.com where he talks about the business lessons that are presented in the first episode of The Apprentice. NBC's reality show features sixteen people with business backgrounds of various types, competing for a position running one of Donald Trump's companies. The commentary looks at the first show. The second episode pits the teams against each other in designing television ads for a private jet card. Again, there are some valuable lessons. When the challenge was given my first thought was that a traditional ad for such a service would end up looking like the ad the men's team produced. It was traditional, corporate, and in the end plain. The women went out on a limb and produced an ad provocative enough that NBC didn't show it. They did show some of the print ads that focused on the phallic imagery the women's team chose. A daring approach that in the end differentiated their products from the normalcy of everyday advertising.