Drupal request

Recently I've been working through what I'd like to see in a blogging tool. I'm very happy with Drupal and it is and excellent choice for those left wanting by Movable Type's recent change in pricing. There is a posting on the Drupal site about making the move from MT to Drupal.

Most interesting, because it parallels what I am looking for is the first comment. My ideal tool allows me to enter content through a single interface, stores it in a database and then makes one of several websites, PDF documents or other forms of publishing from the content. Based upon the choice of taxonomy and permissions content is directed to the appropriate location. For example political posts would be routed to my personal blog. Technical posts would route to both my personal and work blog. Nevada posts would route to my Nevada blog and so on. It's the power to route to several different domains based on a taxonomy that is key. A corollary is the ability to have taxonomies on a per-user basis. Actually the ability to restrict terms based upon user. If you are a user on the Nevada blog you have permissions to post to Nevada and unless you've been given a higher level permissions you don't even know that the other sites are available.

The interim project is getting a good installer for Drupal built for OS X.... Yes it is easy but to make it available to a wider audience it needs to be extremely easy.