Get some control

For the new place we looked at several internet options. After several conversations with a sales person at Ground Control we chose them for a satellite internet provider. Ground Control resells Hughes services among others and has an impressive array of options. Always being weary of the "you live too far away" option I carefully explored with them the availability of installers local to the Las Vegas area. I was told it would not be a problem. Now Ground Control is working through Keypoint systems as a sub-contractor. The story from Ground Control is that the truck of the person (evidently the only person) in Las Vegas broke down and they don't know when they will come to do the install. However they will be there tomorrow if I'll just OK the 8-hours of driving time (that I get to pay for) to have somebody come from California.

They offer the explanation that there are no installers for satellite internet systems in metro areas because people use other forms of connections. Ground Control asserts that they have plenty of mobile-satellite installers in Las Vegas. Indeed they are running a training seminar here this weekend. It is enough to make one wonder if they aren't asking a customer to pay for the drive time of one of the instructors/staff for their seminar. The irony of all this is the ONLY place I've ever seen satellite internet installed is in suburban areas.

Update: Ground Control just called back. For waiting another week they will do what they originally agreed to do. Amazing. The other note to businesses is that had they simply asked me, and explained the options, I might easily have paid the extra charges.