Nevada Powerless

I was thinking there wasn't much to write today. But Jeff Beard's story about Dell's Horrific Tech Support reminded me that I'm still waiting for a call back from Nevada Power. Their support supervisor said that I was given bad information and then proceeded to suggest that I was "twisting the facts" when I had pointed out she said "she was not going to circumvent the normal policy to help me." I pointed out this meant she could but was not going to. That folks is what they call twisting the story.

I guess I'll have to file a complaint with the public utilities commission about the abuse at the hands of Nevada Power. If you take Jenina's word for it then a first-level supervisor at their call center is the highest power in the building. Sure sounds like all the call centers I've ever been in. Yup there are plenty of times where there are call-takers and their supervisors and nobody else.... wait that's not true.

At least Nevada Power Employee Jenina, a supervisor in their call center, promised that I'd get a call back from a "manager". We're still waiting.

This all started when I called in the beginning of May to find out what was necessary to get service setup without a social security number. I was told it wouldn't be a problem, just call in and I'd have to pay a deposit of 1.5 times the monthly average for the address. I was told to call back a few days before I needed the service on. I did just as I was asked - through the online system. It took the details and we thought things were OK until the local meter reader showed up to turn off the power on June 3.

I called and was told, this time, that I'd need to come into the office to setup service without a social security number. I explained the litany to the attentive agent who could do nothing to help. She transfered me to the supervisor who after offering excuse after excuse and turning down several suggestions (a faxed copy of my drivers license, a credit card number, a checking account verification etc.) decided to hang up the phone after promising a call back. We're still waiting for the call back. Nevada Power is a company to avoid at all costs if Jenina is a typical example of the folks working for them.