Rebel Subs

Looking for a spot to eat yesterday I headed across Maryland Parkway to the land of chain fast food. As I rounded the corner to a mega-chain store at the back of the parking lot sat Rebel Subs. Thinking that local flavor is often better than the banal corporate grub.

Entering the front of Rebel Subs it is clean and light. A news rack offers local alternative newspapers and provides a wide variety of reading materials to accompany the meal. A meatball sub with mozzarella was served up with a little too much tomato sauce. The sauce had a slightly uncooked flavor which is the only thing that took away from the experience. The plentiful seating was wide open on a Friday during summer break. It remains to be seen how plentiful seating is once the semester gets going.



Doing it right

The meatball sub at Rebel Subs was quite tasty. Ad added benefit was that it was "free", being the 9th such lunch at their shop. So I handed over the full customer card which had the eight punch

Happy Anniversary

There is something great about having April 1st as the anniversary of employment in my current job. Today has proven to be just one computer calamity after another. Compound a systems that perform marginally and string it together with duct tape and lo