Elk Mountain Volkswagen, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

It never ceases to amaze me how some businesses don't understand that a positive customer experience can be well worth a small inconvenience. We stopped at a place that is clueless about customer service today. Elk Mountain Volkswagen (the other half of Elk Mountain Audi) in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Arriving at 8:00 when the service department opened the first thing they needed to know is if we had an appointment. We didn't and the appointments apparently hadn't shown up yet (there was not a single other customer in sight). I explained we had a check engine light and emissions workshop needed and how long wold it take to have it hooked up to the computer and see what the diagnostic codes reveal. For this task (which takes less than 5 minutes) the would be happy to do it if we'd leave the car all morning. So a person who would pay $80 for 5 minutes of work is turned away while the mechanics cool their heels waiting for the previously scheduled appointments to show up. No wonder Volkswagen dealers have such outstanding reputations.