How dumb do they think we are?

In the just how dumb do you think we are category comes this factoid from "The primary pornography consumer group is boys between ages 12-17." What?

Let's pretend for a moment this has the least bit of credibility. About half of the sources on the page of factoids are credited to a source, this one is not. So a product that is not available for sale to minors has it's primary audience in the 12-17 year old range? Huh?

Perhaps it's all the 12 year-olds in the local adult video store who drive this statistic. Oh, you say they aren't allowed. Then perhaps they have been ordering it via mailorder. Given the billions spent on this material each year then they must be ordering at least half a million dollars. It is most likely just delivered to their houses and their parents hand it to them... No wait all of these are stupid arguments. It's amazing that with all the problems in the world a group of religious fanatics is so focused on making sure others can't do as they wish. But the same fanatics will continue to support a culture that promotes violence.