Network Solutions (NOT)

The name Network Solutions might lead you to believe the company is in the business of providing solutions for networking issues. It seems they are instead in the business of providing excuses.

Following several hours in which their account manager login returned an error I called customer service. The form says to "please try again". I did. Many times. A call to customer support led to a few minutes on hold listening to a very poor rendition of the Cannon in D.

Speaking to Chris PHADEUS001 (no last names please), I learned that the problem is an unscheduled maintenance window where they are either incapable or too lazy to put anything on the web. This is more akin to the service expected from Ma Bell in 1960, where their lack of posting to a website could be understood. Even beyond that what sort of call center cannot put a message on their menu explaining the problem.

Evidently Network Solutions discovered a problem that would have caused the information entered to not propagate properly.

Hopefully somebody in the trade press will pick this up and explore how the coincidence occurs that an unscheduled outage occurs late on a Friday evening when seemingly few would notice. I guess the domain registrar migration may come sooner rather than later.