Growing pains

I spent too much time helping out a friend today. How is it possible to spend too much time helping a friend? Well, this friend is a professional who didn't have time for the problem their Internet Service Provider created. The ISP had a problem and changed some passwords or something... who knows... but they didn't tell the customer anything about it. So instead of conducting business my friend spent the day burning money. Or might as well have. When you're a professional and time is billable a minor slip-up by a company is a big deal.

In this case the solution was pretty simple, change the password. It is more the hours that go into getting the company to own up to their changes. As companies grow from very good small companies into mid-sized enterprises it becomes increasingly difficult to make sure that the old-time customers continue to get the service that brought them to the company to begin with. In this case the unnamed vendor is a company I've done business with for more than a decade. It is a great shop and I'm confident that the people at the helm can get it on the right track. I just hope they know it's off the rails now.