Riding for the Children trail diary

This is the compiled trail diary from July 16, 2002 to July 26, 2002 for Riding for the Children as published on www.ridingforthechildren.com

Trail Diary - July 26, 2002 - Vernal, Utah - The Ride Ends!

Riding for the Children's Richard Fipps and other riders rode into Vernal, Utah to complete his 1,900 mile ride to bring awareness to the problem of hungry children in America, today, about noon amidst a flurry of reporters, cameras and cheering well-wishers.

Every restaurant offered food, there were endless celebrations planned, radio interviews and from Richard, relief that the ride was finally through and the satisfaction that he had filled food banks in many, many towns across the country and that there were children who were being fed a hot meal.

He wishes to thank everyone who contributed in any way to making this ride a huge success and a special thanks to all his sponsors.

He is already talking about making another ride so if you regretted not saddling up and riding with him you will need to keep checking with us as we plan a date and a route.

Trail Diary - July 25, 2002 - Jenson, Utah

Raised lots of food in Rangely yesterday and donated back to the Rangely Food Pantry. Rode into Jenson, Utah today, crossing the Utah line. Crossed the Green River (very dry and just a stream due to the drought) and followed it for a ways. Rode to the welcome center at Jenson and stopped there for cold drinks.

Got some rest last night after going to eat with Heidi Hoffman and folks from the Rangely Chamber of Commerce and am looking forward to the Big Day tomorrow when I will be riding into Vernal.

They are planning a parade into town at 10am and Mike Ferguson will be riding into Vernal with me along with the local Rodeo Queen and many others. Pat Kahn, with radio station KVEL in Vernal (managed by Steve Evans) has scheduled an interview with me tomorrow.

I will be riding to Naples, Utah where the police will meet us for an escort into Vernal. Tyler Rasmusen with the Vernal Chamber of Commerce and Vernal Mayor Bill Kremin has come to visit and is planning a big welcome for me in Vernal tomorrow. I will be riding into the rodeo grounds tomorrow managed by Dirk Hatch where I will be camped.

Chad, at the vet clinic here donated some vet wraps and checked out L.B. because he was still swelled a little. He will be checking the horse tomorrow when I finish the ride to give them a clean bill of health.

I can't believe it is only 14 more miles!

Trail Diary - July 24, 2002 - Rangely, CO

Crossed East Salt Creek and rode into Rangely with several riders, to the warmest reception we have had. Rangely Chief of Police, was waiting at the highway for us as soon as we came out of the mountains and offered an escort through town.

Got invited to the Rangely Bar-B-Que today. First National Bank of the Rockies in Rangely sponsored our meals. Chris Brassfield is the town clerk, Lance Stewart, city manager and Brenda Hopson with the chamber of Commerce were extremely warm and made me feel at home.

There is a townwide food drive going on and all the food will be donated back to the Rangely Food Pantry. Rita Lancaster at the Rangely Library is allowing me to use the computer and make updates and check on the website. I'm going to accept an invitation from the town for dinner this evening and then MUCH NEEDED SLEEP!

Trail Diary - July 23, 2002 - Rangely, CO

Came out on the creek by Skyway. Saw the BLM rounding up some wild horses for the sale at Grand Junction. Crossed the Colorado River at the Plato Indian Reservation waterway and rode into Grand Junction. Mike Ferguson joined me at our camp at Douglas Pass, ele. 8,268 ft. Just to the east was East Salt Creek. For the first time on this trip I got lost! I came out of the mountains and saw a town that I thought was Meeker and that I was way off course but was actually Rangely. I could see it from a distance from a ridge on the side of a mountain close to where we camped. Luckily, it was the right town.

Trail Diary - July 22, 2002 - Grand Mesa

Packed today across the Grand Mesa and came out around the Ward Lake area. There is a lot of open range here and an amazing amount of wildlife. I was stopped eating a sandwich and fed ground squirrels. They would come up almost to my foot where I was tossing the bread crumbs and would grab them and run back a safe distance to eat then come back for more.

Trail Diary - July 21, 2002 - Gunnison National Forest

Packed out of Gunnison through Gunnison National Forest and made camp on the edge of Bowie and Paonia. Really beautiful country but they need rain and most of the deer and elk I have seen look like they are thin and hungry. Also, have seen lots of eagles in the mountains here. And we have even ran onto some wild cattle!

Trail Diary - July 20, 2002 - Monarch Pass, CO

Rode through Monarch Pass this morning and almost to Parlin,

Colo. today and was only a few more miles to Gunnison so I switched horses and rode into Gunnison where I met with Tom Davis (www.betoughorbegone.com). Went into a store called The Western Store that featured "authentic cowboy apparel" and visited for a while. It would be a good place for folks to visit in this area. They don't have a website but take orders by phone at 917-641-6566.

Trail Diary - July 19, 2002 - Coledale Area, CO

Riding with Mike, Bobby and Rodney came out of the Silver Cliff area and packed through the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range and stopped for lunch at Lake Creek and rode on cross country to the Coaldale area. I could see Coaldale from a ridge but never actually went into town. We met Johnny Waddle at the Arkansas headwaters and he rode with us. Saw some burnt forest as we rode through. Camped for the afternoon and then continued on to Salida, where the other riders went on their way.

Trail Diary - July 17, 2002 - Whalsenberg, Colorado

Guess since I'm into Colorado I'm getting anxious and wanting to cover more miles so I broke camp rode on toward Whalsenberg. Stopped several times to rest and also stopped at the T Bar T ranch and they hosted us through the heat of the day then rode into Whalsenberg long after dark.

Trail Diary - July 16, 2002 - Trinidad, New Mexico

Broke camp in the wee hours of the morning and rode to Trinidad where we delivered some canned goods to the Catholic Soup Kitchen. Stopped at the T Bar T and they hosted us through the heat of the day.