Apple Store's Easy Pay

Though iPod Express is gone from the Apple Store, apparently until next holiday season, it is still possible to find store associates with the handy little "EasyPay" machines for taking your credit card and sending the receipt to your email box. A great boon when I popped in for an iPod case today and the line was huge. Faced with having to wait until another day or wait in the huge line I was debating but was able to find an associate with their express scanner, get the case and be on my way.

In addition to saving time in line these little gizmos do a great job of reducing paper. The receipt arrives in the inbox straight away and one less piece of unnecessary paper is generated. Keep your e-mail capable phone handy and you can check for the receipt's arrival if you have any concerns.

All in time to be home for the last power outage of 2005. Here's to a great 2006.