Giving up on SOHO Organizer

So what is to be done when you get around to releasing an incredibly buggy piece of software much later than promised just to get it out the door? Evidently if you're Chronos you close up shop and head out to the industry trade show. As if that weren't insulting enough when people post about it in the discussion area evidently there is time request people take posts down but not to address the concerns.

Chronos produced a great set of tools Group Organizer and Personal Organizer for several years. As all around personal information managers they ruled the Mac platform with little competition. Personal Organizer suffered some competition from Apple's iCal and Address Book but had enough features to make it valuable. The interfaces of both programs suffered from never making the jump to the new Aqua design of OS X.

Following a June 15th announcement last year Chronos continued to push back the announced "forthcoming soon" date until the end of the year. Then SOHO Organizer hit with a thud instead of a bang. Right away the problem for existing Chronos customers was what to do to convert data. In the sidebar of their site Chronos promised a converter tool for old data by "December 31". On the last day of last year that promise became the more general "coming soon" and "check back often". They would have been better off to say don't check back for a month. That way at least there would be a possibility of it actually appearing before the next check.

All of this adds up to being pretty discouraging. It only gets worse when visiting the message boards. There you find out that there is no mention of the data conversion tool. Not just no mention but the emphatic "It has always been our intention to implement calendar views like the ones you're used to in Personal Organizer. This will be our PRIMARY focus in the coming months." So there is no converter and it seems none is forthcoming. There are nice promises like "We hope to have most or all of the calendar views implemented in the first quarter of 2006." This from a company that has recently demonstrated an inability to ship beta quality software even months after the original ship date.

Perhaps it wouldn't be so dispiriting if they seemed to be making an effort. Instead their efforts are focused elsewhere. It is all frustrating as the calendaring and sharing options on OS X are more limited than they should be.


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Hit it on the head

If only Chronos could call it as well as you did. When will they ever learn?

Regarding PO/GO to SOHO transition. I noticed the long neglected Palm (previously Claris) Organizer did at least add vCard and vCal export abilities. I suspect Chronos won't extend export abilities to PO/GO, so their user will find it difficult to transition, and hopefully wait for Chronos to offer them a one-way dead-end street to SOHO