When good things go bad...

Once upon a time I was a great fan of Netflix others wrote about it as did I. There came a time when we had a falling out. The problem was one-sided as the non-existant customer service did nothing to help and we parted ways. A year later I gave it a try again and was soon getting the little red and white envelopes each week.

Along the way there were rumors of throttling but it seemed to be an occasional issue, not a consistent problem. Who knows maybe it was just my imagination of a problem and not a real one. None the less, a nagging feeling at the back of the mind that something isn't right. Recently we've had news that confirms the practices of the once wonderful service. It seems I might not have been the only one to think the service was pretty good.

So this explains why new movies now say very long wait while sitting in the queue. A blog recently had a post suggesting an alternative, but it means drastically reducing the usefulness of the Netflix system if you're in the eighty-plus club with more movies to come than hours to watch them. Not so long ago sites were saying "Netflix doesn't throttle." Of course the same sites offer apologies for Netflix. HackingNetflix seems to imply that Netflix is still a good value and that throttling has been affected by the number of distribution centers. However, no service is a good deal that won't send you movies for months because you've rented too many while claiming to allow the as many rentals as you want -- unless you want too many.