Apple's laptops impressing Windows users

A recent AP article reviewed the new Apple laptop lineup with a focus on the impressive MacBook.
With extra software, the newer Macs can run Microsoft Corp.'s Windows as well as Apple's Mac OS X. This could spell trouble for notebook makers who can't offer the best of both worlds, particularly in light of the MacBook's starting price of $1,099.

This is something that other computer companies should take note of. Especially in light of the lackluster customer service. For example since March the university I work for has been trying to purchase UPS power supplies for our computers. Our sales person at Dell has been the most uncooperative possible. Whenever I ask who we can talk to at Dell about the string of commitments and broken promises I'm told to talk to the university. Not once has the sales person or anyone else at Dell acknowledged that their failure to be able to ship equipment when promised or that they need purchase orders faxed three or more times is a problem, not of the university's failing but of the business providing the service.