MySpace backlash

It seems folks are starting to notice some of the problems with MySpace. The concerns aired in the last few days include outages caused by a problem in a MySpace data center. Monday's New York Times picks up the story of artists jumping ship because of the ominous terms of service. It seems entirely possible that without some rapid course correction at MySpace that it may be headed to the .com bone-yard.


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I recently changed my password, and forgot it. I have been trying to retrieve it for days. Myspace customer service does not respond, not do they send it to your email address as their advertising reads: :Forgot Your Password? No Worries...
Just enter the email account you signed-up with, and we'll mail you your password
-Sign Up!- -Log In-
Your password was sent to your email address.

YEAH, I have done that literally about 50x, and not once have they sent me anything to my email, let alone my password!