Audible deactivation tool

Downloading the latest audiobook purchase from Audible I got the dreaded message that I have too many machines authorized for use with my Audible account. Off to the Audible website to look for the deactivation tool. Using the help and search functions leads to no joy but a recommendation to email customer support. That must have been what I did last time I thought, and sent the email. I get back a note saying it was done and then it goes on to say:

You can always deactivate your account within AudibleManager in the future by simply click here and follow the instruction to deactivate your device if you come across this message.

Now I would have loved to have that link come up when I did a search for that very information. And it would have been nice without the little suggestion that I should be able to do this myself in the future. I should have been able to do it myself this time but for the broken website.



Lifesaver! Thanks

I've been searching for how to do this for months - got loads of Audible books I couldn't listen to. The Audible website is useless and gives no help whatsoever. Thanks to you it's now all fixed - thanks for the help!