iPhone Abstinence

Merlin Mann: "Let OS X developers at the iPhone.

I could not agree more. I'm of a mind that somebody with some time should setup iPhoneAbstinence.com or iPhoneDeveloperLockout.com and publish a list of would-be customers for Apple to see just how many of us who are excited and ready to buy an iPhone are waiting until it can do the one thing our smart phones can do that it can't - work with third party applications.

The list of applications I need is not that long but they are necessary. First among them is some sort of PDF reader. While it's possible Apple will add one I need one now. Other applications include the nursing reference my wife needs, Pocket Quicken, the countless webserver apps that come to mind, some version of Omni Focus and others. Until I can get these things I'll be sticking with my oh-so-uncool Treo that is bulkier heavier and has a fraction of the memory but does allow me to put applications on it as I need them.