Upgrade to Drupal 5.0

This afternoon brought with it the opportunity to run the upgrade on this site to the latest version of Drupal. Along with the latest version comes a new theme and some new modules. For example it will take a while for me to get used to the WYSIWYG editor that I now have. Old habits die hard. Something with the upgrade caused the Color Picker in the Garland theme to refuse to work for a while. Finally I disabled all the modules and then brought them back one by one. That seems to have made things happier.

Unfortunately it is too late to stop by the bread store on the way home. I may have to settle for Frys. The problem with Frys is that I'll go and look for the sixth time for a keyboard. I won't find a good one there and will resolve to order one from Amazon, or maybe order two and test them out. Either way I'll go home later and not any happier. 


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Until the Drupal Spam module is updated to work with Drupal 5.0 I'll be moderating comments. Hopefully the delay won't be too bad.