My soap-opera addiction

The saying goes that admitting a problem is the first step to recovery. Well I have a problem. It is one of those quiet little habits that nobody talks about. Serpent-like in its craftiness it lurks in the corners. The typical things aren't a problem being a non-smoking drug-free type those vices don't tempt. No, this is the voyeuristic joy of watching soap opera-like lawsuits meander through the legal process.

Take for example ICANN vs. RegisterFly. It has been a little while since I looked in on the case but there are so many good things there. My favorite in this odd case so far is the statement from RegisterFly's webmaster. The statement says in part that following the court's order would have caused the "web site navigation menu on all 4000+ pages to be inoperable and content within those pages to not display / align properly." (We won't even talk about the use of a slash in place of words.) Hmmm that's interesting that a site like RegisterFly has 4000+ pages. Doing a search in Google shows there being 789 pages on all in total. This count includes blank pages like this one. In reading these documents one is left to wonder where the disconnect is. RegisterFly's home page is 'index.php'. With that it really escapes comprehension how difficult it would be to add a check for the requested URL and insert the message on a single page. 3-5 lines of code and tough to figure out why it would be necessary to take 10 days to do so. Of course a cynic might think there was more stonewalling than technical necessity.