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My unintended and extended hiatus here will soon come to an end. This unintentional break has been brought to you by a series of rather interesting stories that will soon enough be told here. Long story short, never, never do business with a builder who puts falsified sold signs on their properties to try and pump up the market. Yes I should have known better but one always holds out hope that people will just plain be straight shooters even when the evidence suggests otherwise. Now if I could just locate some sane people in the real estate market. As I said more will follow probably next week when I'm back up to speed.


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Sane Real Estate agents in Vegas? Rare. I've dealt with several, and the only one I felt comfortable in doing business with was from the midwest. The industry attracted A LOT of goofballs in the past few years; hopefully it'll correct itself as those individuals move to something like Prosthetics or "wherever the money's at."