SXSW has some yummy looking Drupal panels that could use your support

I'll be the first to admit that it took me long enough to get around to doing it but now that it's done you should too. What is the wonderful "it"? Voting to get some great looking Drupal panels in the lineup at SXSW 2009.

The good news is getting it done is simple. All you need is an easy to create account and then visit the pages for the panels and give them a high five (stars that is). And to make that easy here's a handy list of the panels being offer:

So head on over to the SXSW site and give these worthwhile proposals a vote.


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Should i stay or should i go

Darn, I missed this :( Would've liked to have lent my support to some of those lovely panels. Still dont know if I can make it to SXSW, Texas is a long way from ol' blighty.. but perhaps I can justify it with a trip to my brother ;) Would love to catch Jeff Eaton and the one on design. Back to my Drupal book, boy I'm a geek!