iPhone software gets 2.2 update

Apple rolled out an upgrade to iPhone software today. Version 2.2 includes some great new features like the ability to access public transit maps on the phone.

The update brings a welcome change, the ability to download podcasts directly to the phone. Unfortunately while this functionality is welcome it is also incomplete. The downloaded episodes are added to the iPod but there is no way to subscribe to a podcast from the phone.

Apple has previously denied applications for podcatcher applications based on this now-released functionality being forthcoming. At the time speculation centered on the likely restriction of Apple's app to WiFi only and not the cellular network. That, however, proved to not be a limitation with today's release.

However the disappointment about the podcatcher app is lost as soon as one launches the map application. The addition of public-transit maps alone is an awesome feature. However the feature where one is likely to loose much more time is Streetview. Find a location with streetview and the phone browsing experience is everything that browsing with a mouse can't be.

A few other interface changes are welcome. Safari now puts search and the address bar on a single line. This makes navigation much simpler.


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Good upgrade

A good upgrade, I admire Apple for rolling-out updates that not only improve stability but offer additional functionality. Streetview/public transit maps rocks.

I do however wish they would ditch the 10 mb limit on podcast downloads. And I swear, every time I restore my iPhone I play it with before I sync all my applications (2 pages worth) and the phone feels A LOT snappier than when I load up the apps.

Come on Apple, you're ones who control the filtering, which application of mine is leaking memory?