A little site cleanup

A redesign of the site has been on my to-do list for some time now. It is a bit of a cobblers children have no shoes problem. Between the book chapters to be edited, the site work to be done and the need to solve customer problems there aren't enough hours in the day. Today was a great day to get out and do some non-computer work so it left even less time. However tonight I finally decided to just jump in and do it.

I still haven't decided between modifying an existing theme and doing it from scratch. Each time I think I've found the reason to go one way or another something else comes up. Among other changes the Twitter feed and Archive made their way from pages buried in the site to Ajax-based slots in the footer of the page. Even managed to do a good deed and file a bug report on some broken parts of the otherwise awesome Nitobe theme.

If you have feedback on the changes please feel free to leave a comment.