Saturday morning in the fall

Osprey in flightAutumn is one of my favorite times of year. Actually truth be told I love most of the seasons, each for their own beauty and grandeur. Mornings that start with a deep chill and transform into crisp days filled with color are hard to beat. Beyond the inherent beauty the promise of winter's coming is inescapable. Skiing, ice skating and building snow forts are just around the corner while the days grow short.

Fall Cleanup

Spring cleaning in my mind gets overbilled. Sure spring days are sometimes warmer than their cousins in the fall, but the days of fall just beg for a good cleanup. Getting the house in order and ready for the longer nights of winter where the family will be inside more of the waking day is but one of the advantages. Fall cleanups, with the holidays and gift-giving around the corner also provide a great opportunity to assess what the family's needs are. With these ideas fresh in mind one is much less likely to run out and get a gift for a family member that isn't needed.

Fall walk on urban trail Fall is also a beautiful time for morning walks. The pictures accompanying this story are from a morning walk along the trail. The osprey that accompanied us moved from tree to tree and looked followed us along the trail. With the cooler days coffee becomes appealing throughout the day with the cool afternoons.



I love Autumn

I love Autumn. The season is so beautiful and I love to see different birds around.

I have always loved this time

I have always loved this time of year. I have so many wonderful memories that are centered around events in the fall.