Bye Bye Netflix

Today was the end for Netflix. Not to worry the company still exists as far as I know. But we're through. Just over seven years ago we jumped on the movie rental service's subscription. It's been a rocky road in places. Sure they love us when we don't actually watch any movies and they get a $20 bill every month. However when we go through periods where we watch a few movies a day they quickly forget that they've gotten years worth of months where we watched nothing and start rate-limiting us and playing games.

Then there was the less than stellar roll-out of on-demand services which have only recently become cross-platform. Meh no time for this stuff anyway.

However it wasn't even any of this that pushed us over the edge. For the last couple of months I've been thinking about killing it. We haven't watched a Netfilx disk since summer. We've gotten movies from ITunes Music Store but haven't once loaded the disks from Netflix. Though even so I kept thinking "maybe we'll get back to it."

However this afternoon reading Dave Winer's post about the pretty lousy way they thanked him for being a loyal customer it became time to pull the plug.

Bye bye Netflix.


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I canceled Netflix about a

I canceled Netflix about a year ago for the same reasons. Plus, I love going to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video and getting the requisite junk food that goes along with the movie.