Opting out of Drupal Planet

Sure the title is a little overly dramatic. Really I'm not opting out of Drupal Planet in its entirety but I am being more selective about what gets posted there. This has been on my to-do list for a while so it's easier to post some little notes about Drupal here and there for readers of the site without the self-imposed weight of making sure a post is up to snuff to take the time of all the Drupalistas around the globe. A post that was only tangentially related to Drupal being posted to Drupal Planet yesterday reminded me to finally get it done.

So as of this morning a few new views of Drupal information are available on the site. If you're a die-hard Drupaler and want to add a feed to your newsreader the Drupal Feed is available.

A few other subtle changes happened over the weekend.

This includes some cleanup of the "In Brief" section and getting rid of the Atom feed, mostly because the module that provides it has an overly-broad embedded link in page headers which limits more useful specific feeds from sections of the site.



The problem with Planet

The problem with Planet Drupal is that sometimes there is too much information. They should add a system like Digg to promote the best articles.


It’s amazing for being a part

It’s amazing for being a part of Drupal. I really appreciate you for such a great work.

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