A perfect gift

In general we're quite fortunate. We don't have much to want for. We manage to keep things simple and while we have more stuff than we should we're in the culling process. However one area of frustration has persisted. In the list of life's many needs popcorn is writ large with permanent marker. The problem is finding a reasonable way to make popcorn that doesn't destroy the environment along the way. And the added benefit would be to cut off those wonderful preservatives that are used to embalm pre-packaged popcorn. Better yet it turns out that not only is there a healthier option that cuts down on the piles of waste, but that option is nearly as easy as making a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

Microwave Pop

So there are plenty of microwave popcorn boxes lining the isle of the local store. However the huge piles of packaging waste that go along with these packages is insurmountable. Never mind the chemicals that are used to get microwave popcorn bags to work, the piles upon piles of popcorn bags in the landfill rule out the option of pre-packaged microwave popcorn.

The next option that pops up is a reusable microwave popcorn popper. This greatly reduces the waste but has the annoyance of needing a special disposable paper tray in the popper and the popcorn it makes is sub-par at best. It's a solution you really want to work but sadly it doesn't.

Stove top

It seems that old-fashioned may be the way to go. A little bit of oil, popcorn and a pan on the stove top to pop up the corn. Historically this results in as much burnt popcorn as it does edible kernels. This Christmas a new popper made it's way under our tree. The Whirley Pop is one of those devices that is deceptively simple but massively impressive. No doubt as a single-purpose tool it will have its day on Unitasker Wednesday but this gizmo is one that certainly pulls its weight if you like good popcorn as a snack more than a couple of times a year.

[amazon B00004SU35 full]



what about the hot air popper?

What about the hot air popper? I grew up using hot air popcorn poppers. The problem is hot air poppers are harder and harder to find these days.

[amazon B00006IUWA thumbnail]

Distracted Blogging

I so hate it when I get distracted and leave off half a blog post as I did here. I meant to talk about hot-air poppers which we also used growing up. By comparison they are better than the microwave options for sure. In my memory they are more of a hassle to use (ok this is minor because they aren't that much hassle) but the Whirley Pop seems simpler.