Getting to Drupalcon

On the trip to the airport I was reflecting on just where Drupal has taken me. On one hand having chosen nearer the beginning of the decade to use this open source PHP-based content management system was a short-term decision. I had websites and they needed to be done. The solution was easily Drupal. Sure there was the roll-your-own option. But I've been there and there is little way to get around the idea that proprietary website management is for the birds.

In a literal sense Drupal has powered travels across the country. The wonderful thing about Drupal travel is the community.

Wherever you go from coast to coast and continent to continent there are fascinating people to meet. In a career sense Drupal has certainly been the right choice. Not only has it been a tool that has enabled me to do things to impress those who write my paychecks but a year ago it became my full-time job.

At first it was my own shop and then later it was joining a great company that is doing a great many things to expand the community. It seems a little odd to be confident about careers and the future in the face of so much financial uncertainty. However one of the few things that seems clear is that through this recession there continues to be strong demand for folks with solid Drupal skills.

So with those thoughts and ambitious plans I set off for a week of Drupalcon. It will be great to see old faces and meet new folks. And I get to talk about Drupal all week without getting people tired of it.