Incorrect time on iPhone

There's an epidemic of incorrect time on the iPhone. Well maybe not quite epidemic but it seems I'm not the only one who has seen it. What is particularly odd is that the time, when incorrect is off by two hours. The report on the other site was around Mammoth Lakes on US 395.

On this trip I've noticed it in a couple of spots. First off in the border regions of Nevada and Oregon while southbound on US 95. In this region there is a time difference between the Mountain and Pacific time zones. The same, however, cannot be said for Mammoth Lakes.

Then it happened in Wells, Nevada. The signal here, too, is flighty. A certain testament to regions of the country where iPhone sales will skyrocket when Verizon gets their hands on it. While it was happening today I found that if I turned on Data Roaming the time would be correct. Turn it off and it was back to being the current time plus 2 hours. Even with data roaming enabled when we walked across the street for dinner we were once again two hours in the future.

The explanation that it has to do with off-brand cell carriers would make some sense. Though in this area the iPhone claims to be on AT&T. I'd be curious if other AT&T customers see this? What about folks on other carriers? So far the commonalities amongst the three reports are areas of weak signal and the Pacific time zone. (All reports were also apparently during Daylight Savings Time).



This happened to me on my old

This happened to me on my old Treo on AT&T in the Mammoth area in the spring a few months ago. So I don't think it's iPhone specific. It was weird because even if I adjusted the phone's time, the next day it would be wrong again. My wife's Verizon phone did not share this problem.

same problem

The time on my iphone constantly changes on its own, too. It's really frustrating. It throws all my alarms off.

I was encountered from these

I was encountered from these by default feature of iPhone changing of time automatically and constantly, I have tried to reset the network settings but it doesn't seems to solve the problem I use backup and restore as per the suggestion of the customer support but still I found it was few minutes behind with automatic setting.


Ya ive seen this before. It's kinda funny if ya think about it. the iPhone has a mind of its own.

incorrect phone time at&t

I have an iphone 3G. My time one morning was incorrect. Slow by 22 minutes. I don't know why. Didn't find out until I was late for work. I used to constantly rely on my phone as a clock. I guess I can no longer do that. I don't feel it was an iphone problem. I feel it was a network problem. I'll have to look for my old watch because I won't trust AT&T with the time again.