Connect Drupal sites to social media

Last weekend the fantastic folks at the Seattle Drupal User's Group (SEADUG) put on a fantastic at the Adobe campus in Seattle. I hope to get some time to post some reflections on the many great sessions. In the meantime here are the slides from a talk Jakob Perry and I gave on connecting your site to social media.

You can here. Unfortunately the slides don't show the demo of the . However the demo was similar to one that was presented in the webinar a couple of months ago. You can watch it below.




I've been intrigued by the

I've been intrigued by the Gigya module for some time. I've tried it out twice, and ran into problems. Unfortunately, the issues queue is full of unanswered problems from others like myself.
Hopefully it will be a viable option soon.


Gigya is always happy to help you implement. Email andrew at gigya-inc dot com for assistance and let me know how it turns out.

Connecting Drupal Sites

I've been trying out Gigya on one of my sites and it was pretty easy to set up. Definitely worthy trying out if you want more engagement on a site. The new Google Friend Connect module (which is different from the one released several months ago) that was released yesterday is also a viable option. I'm trying that out on Learn By The Drop. It doesn't allow logging in with Facebook credentials but it does accept Twitter.

Drupal Summit

I've been to that site. It's really cool. Thanks. It is the regional conference for Pacific Northwest Drupaleers. And there are a lot of interesting things. I was surprised!)