Using Komodo from the command line

Anybody who ends up talking about coding with me will likely know that I really like using Komodo IDE. Since just before Christmas I've been using and setting up my new MacBook Air. I took a little different approach with this machine for several reasons. One of the main drivers being the smaller (256GB) "disk" drive. This lead me to build this machine up from scratch, using my cloud applications like Dropbox, rather than copying things from another disk.

One application I've gone back and forth on bringing to the new laptop is BBedit. A long-time BBedit user it has had a home on every machine I've had for decades. However in looking at how I use it the main thing I found was I used it because the command line script made it really easy to launch a GUI editor from the command line. Sure for a lot of things I just use VIM but sometimes I want something more of a Mac application.

Wouldn't it be great if I could just use Komodo IDE for this instead? Why yes it would! So a few minutes later I added these lines to the .bash_profile on my little machine.

alias komodo="open -a 'Komodo IDE'"
alias kedit="open -a 'Komodo IDE'"

Now you may note that the lines look quite similar and you'd be right. I simply couldn't decide which command I wanted to use so I put both in place. So far I use the command 'komodo' more but we'll see long-term. Usage is quite simple:

komodo index.php

This opens up the text file index.php in Komodo IDE.

komodo acquia-drupal.komodoproject

As you might expect this command opens the acquia-drupal project. Depending on your Komodo IDE settings it may or may not prompt you to close/save any other open project or do what you want automatically.


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I'm a noob to Drupal but this

I'm a noob to Drupal but this post of yours about using Komodo from the command line could be of help.

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